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So, what's the secret formula?

Simply put...   ...the secret is being really well prepared!



...OK, maybe there's a little more to it than just that - in Marketing and Sales there is a well-known science to persuasion and influence and in your sessions, you will learn how to inject some of these principles into your interview answers, supercharging them to levels beyond expectations.


By having another set of eyes and ears, critiquing these answers will offer a much wider perspective and allow you to enrich your answers by removing unknown confusion, adding clarity and being precisely to the point.

Also, we all need a little motivation sometimes especially when the job is not exactly tiny and by having your coaching sessions scheduled in will help you prevent any procrastination, encourage you to make space in your busy calendars and set aside quality time to focus.

Finally, for most of us, its the nerves.

To guarantee that you go into your interview with reinforced confidence, we will practice

your answers over and over in your sessions to make them natural, fluent and perfectly delivered.

Sounds like what you're looking for? 


Let's connect, all my discovery calls are completely free of charge, you can use this time to ask me any question you like. We can find out if we'd be good fit and plan a rock solid roadmap that works for you.  


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Since moving to the Americas in 2014 from London in the UK where I worked as a Business Development and Sales Manager within the web and digital technology sector, I started coaching sales professionals working at multinationals throughout Latin America.


Very early on, I was asked by a client to help them prepare for a once in a lifetime opportunity for a technical role interview at Google in San Francisco. I approached it much the same way I would with any other product or service and developed a solid strategy in handling the interview, looking at as many questions they would ask and developing and rehearsing the answers to perfection.


Cutting a long story short, they won the job hands down!


But for me, my passion and purpose became crystal clear and Interview Coaching was born. 


Just like selling a product or service, applying several key principles from sales can massively increase your chances of impressing the interviewer and getting hired. In our sessions, you will learn how to confidently package yourself and deeply understand your unique and best-selling features, present your skills and achievements in a way that will allow you to successfully demonstrate how and why you are the perfect candidate for the role.


Our online video call mock interview sessions are custom-built around you. Whatever stage you are at in the hiring cycle, we can tailor a roadmap that works for your goals and needs. Whether you're starting out at the very beginning, or halfway through, I can support you in creating from scratch a CV/Resume that checks off all the boxes and prepare you to provide confident, well-prepared and well-structured interview answers.


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Sam Crabb
Product Manager at Google


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...I come from a background where I had little to no interview experience but over 8 years of work experience. He helped me catch up for lost practice and was always friendly and respectful.

One thing that really impressed me is that Charles helped me develop how I told my own stories and what details I include and don’t. He provided a clear vision of what was important in a story and what was unnecessary or confusing.

I would recommend Charles to anyone who is looking to improve their interview or story telling skills


John Breault
Sr Service Engineer at


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I owe an immense debt of gratitude to Charles. He was able to put my experiences into short but detail-rich answers, overcoming my nerves, and provided the face to face practice I needed for my final interviews at Microsoft. With his much needed guidance, I was able to go in with a newly gained confidence boost.

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Marta Di Muro
Marketing Specialist at


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"...I couldn't have made a better choice! He immediately understood my necessities and gave me a lot of valued suggestions. Thanks to him I was able to improve myself and do my best during interviews. His coaching brings out the best attitude and to get the right mindset when dealing with new achievements..."


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