Commonly asked questions database

Developing your own list of commonly asked questions is an absolute must before attending any interview, pre-think what the most likely questions are to be asked. Using websites such as Glassdoor and independent articles on the internet are a great start to collecting this information.


Using this, start writing your ideas down in full sentences and not just in bullet points - this document can be saved to your email or on the cloud and will become your evolving go-to database each interview you have in the future. Over the years, you will remember the stories and examples that you otherwise would have forgotten. 

By writing your answers in full sentences the likelihood of you being able to do it again is significantly greater than spontaneously improvising on the day in the interview.


That said, even though I recommend writing down full sentences for your answers on paper, remember the answers by highlighting the main points in the text. You’re not an actor and remembering scripts is a really hard thing to do, trying to remember your answer word for word can often come across as mechanical or robotic.


Instead, each time you answer the question, your answer should be slightly different. It will sound more natural, highly confident and logical.