Block Questions

Now we have tailored the CV and it is looking and sounding great, you may be missing a few things in your experience or skills and that’s OK. We cannot always BE 100% of what they are looking for, but we can certainly BECOME 100%. Nevertheless, with these gaps in our application it is paramount that we take into consideration what their concerns may be in us going forward and come up with some strong and confident replies. To do this, we need to place ourselves into the shoes of the employer and think critically about our profile. Most of your friends and family will pay lip service and offer you words of encouragement in fear of offending you or risk damaging your confidence. This is not useful therefore, speaking with a person who is outside your social circle, someone who will objectively look at your profile and offer sound and constructive feedback is a great way to dig into these areas and come up with great answers to those difficult questions. Remember that critical feedback is not an attack, it is an opportunity to strengthen and develop.