Your CV or Resume and its Purpose

Your CV or Resume is the first step in starting the interview process. It is the first thing the recruiter sees and ultimately is at this point the single most important interaction you have with your prospective employer.


Getting this right is crucial. Over the years, I have seen thousands of CVs some incredibly written and beautifully designed, but I’ve been disappointed when I hear that my clients have sent this document out to over 50 companies and haven’t received an invitation yet.


Their mistake?


Using a copy and paste solution to a complex problem. Your role will most likely be a unique position with a unique set of skills, solving a unique task. Therefore, using a copy and paste approach will hardly ever work. The ratio of interest will be too low and consequently, you will receive more silence than invitations.


Generally, from what I have seen, the market prefers a 2-page CV not too much but not too little. Each of my clients, I urge them to develop a 3-page Master CV – a document that has absolutely everything about them as a professional, including projects, roles, duties and responsibilities as well as key achievements.


Using this master copy, each time you send out your CV, spend at least 15-20 minutes keeping the key information and culling the rest. Reduce the document down to 2 pages, and you will have a super-charged and laser-precision CV that really stands out.

The purpose of your CV is to be invited for the interview! Understanding this crucial detail allows you to shift your perspective on how it is written and how it will be read. Remember to think like the recruiter, would you invite the person who owned this CV for this role, if not, start amending it until you're 100% satisfied that it ticks off all the right boxes.