Our 4 Core Commitments to you are: 


1. Easy-to-Book scheduling system

All your sessions are booked through our online calendar with a Zoom room automatically added to your preferred scheduler i.e. Google Calendar, iCal, etc

All payments are safely and securely processed through our integrated PayPal checkout system

Finally, pricing transparency - what you see is what you pay, there are no hidden charges.

2. Early Morning and Evening Availability

Finding time in your busy days can be tricky especially when you are juggling a full-time job and looking for a new one at the same time. Our commitment to you is to be available when you need us most. Note: Our busiest times are in the evenings and late mornings so booking a few days ahead of time is highly recommended however on the same day slots are available. 


3. Recorded Sessions (at your own discretion)

Some of our sessions can be highly detailed with many "ah-ha!" moments. We allow and recommend you record these sessions so that you can playback the key moments at a later date and include them in your answers. (We only ask for you not to publish these videos to platforms like YouTube etc.) 

4. Going the Extra Mile

Our service is custom-crafted to you, our client, and your unique requirements, whether that is career coaching at the very beginning of job hunting or just before the finishing line, we will adapt our service to meet and exceed your expectations. Some people require simple mind-mapping and bouncing ideas off of each other, others motivation and steering them on-course with gentle reminders either by email or text and some need the full works, whatever you need we will go the extra mile to make sure you're covered.