Power pose be your own superhero

While sitting in the waiting room or outside the interviewer’s office waiting to be called in it is likely you will want to reach for your phone and start scrolling through social media or your emails. DON’T! As you lean in with your elbows on your knees tapping and swiping away on your smartphone, you’re actually shaping your body language to be small, insecure and unconfident. When your name is called, and you go into the interview your shoulders will be inward, back arched and taking up little space. Instead, turn it off, put it in your pocket and forget about it until you finish with the interview. Instead we should have a straight back, head up high and shoulders back, the position of confidence. 

This is hackable! Before going into the interview ask to go to the bathroom if you have time, there open your arms and do a star position. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you smashed it and that the interview was the best ever, imagine that feeling and let it pump you up! Just make sure you lock the bathroom door and you don’t have a future colleague walking in while you’re pepping yourself up. 

Now, there is a science to this. Imagine the image of an Olympic athlete winning a race or your favourite team winning a game. What is the first thing you do? You raise your hands in the air, scream with excitement and celebrate the win. It’s coded into us, its something humans do the world over and its because our brains our filled with serotonin and dopamine. When we’re filled with this brain chemical out confidence is heightened and we take up more space, exposing ourselves and drawing more attention to us. We are on top of the world and not scared of anything. The opposite to this, however, is by making ourselves smaller, less intimidating and quieter. Therefore, prime your body language before you go in, do not touch your phone and walk in with you back straight, shoulders back and smile.