1. Get to the point – be direct with your answer. Make it easier for yourself and the interviewer. Use sentences like “I believe that QUESTION > ANSWER because…”

2. Support everything you say with evidence i.e. I believe that my greatest strength is (X Strength) because for the last five years I have managed (X account) and successfully handled this task.


  • Tell me about yourself?

This question can be tricky for many people! Remember that this is your only opportunity in the Interview for you to talk about yourself in a more personal tone. The rest of the interview will focus on your skills, experience, the way you handle work-related situations etc. However, take note that your personal information is like salt, don’t overdo it otherwise it will be counterproductive. Try this structure to get you started:

  1. Your current or most recent position

  2. Education  

  3. Positions from leaving education

  4. Achievement and skills

  5. A little bit of personal information to build trust and rapport

    1. What you like to do on the weekends or in your free time

    2. Any sports, charity or community work