Content over Design


Should it look pretty? I'm torn in the middle on this one, on one hand, your CV should be ascetically pleasing but don't compromise content for design. 


I've seen some gorgeous looking CVs which from a glance are striking, however, at closer inspection they lack huge pieces of information which would have qualified the person for the role they are applying for.


Modern templates often come with their own set of restrictions and compromises. I recommend using templates as the foundation of inspiration and then design your own creation around these design concepts.


This is a great opportunity for you to enhance and update your Microsoft Office skills, there are thousands of detailed tutorials on YouTube which show you how to do pretty much anything on Microsoft Word or Google Docs, so start upskilling yourself and play around.


Still, struggling to pull one together? 

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Tailor it to the Role

When was the last time you received a generically written email or a birthday salutation? Did it move you? Do you remember it? The answer to this is most probably NO. The same applies to candidates running in the race to win a perfect job.


Many clients of mine have often held the misconception of what the purpose of a CV is that being a document to reflect who you are and what you have done. This is where we will break that habit and understand from now on that your CV is not this, but a document reflecting how you are the perfect candidate for the role.


Fundamentally, the interview process is a sales pitch convincing the recruiter that they should buy you instead of another service provider. The major difference between a sales pitch to a cold client and an interview is that unlike speaking to a prospective client for the first time, the interviewer has already outlined a wish list for the perfect candidate. They disclose everything beforehand regarding the experience, skills and duties you require and will undertake in the role.


A sales cycle, on the other hand, requires the salesperson to gather this information while at the same time trying to build rapport and trust between themselves and the client. When tailoring your CV to fit the role make sure that everything on their wish-list is mentioned in your CV. You want the recruiter to go through your CV and check off as many boxes as possible – simply put, the more boxes they check off, the more likely they will invite you in for an interview.

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